Express Yourself!

Branding Session

These are becoming my new favorite thing! I am obsessed with meeting new people and creating amazing content for their own social media presence. It's a creative way to get new headshots for your LinkedIn profile or even your business cards!

I'd love to hear more about your ideas to show off your brand or product. You can book a private Branding session or wait to hear about my upcoming B R A N D I N G D A Y !


Private 1 hour Branding Sessions start at $160. This gives you the right amount of time for 2 outfit changes.

Branding Day pricing is rated at a lower price for a "petite session" that ranges from 20-30mins. I tend to hold Branding Days often, stay tuned for announcements of Facebook and Instagram!

**studio fees not included in Private Session.

I need a new word to describe your talent! You nailed it.


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